Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maybe I should call it Earthami's Lame Blog...

So months, do you think it has been months since my last post? I think it has been months. Sorry about that.

On the homeschool front things are going well. We are considering going it alone next year without the virtual academy and without K12. I'm going to be talking to my friend who has written K-5 curriculum before and see if she can help me pull it together. That has to wait for her to finish with her Law School finals and then the Barbri in February then I will bug her about it. Until then I will pull ideas together of things I'd like to include and have a somewhat organized idea of what I'm thinking of for next year.

Part of the decision to change from K12 is the boy HATES it. He will cry that he hates it and not be happy. I did change things up a bit for 2 weeks there and brought in a guest teacher (my sis) to teach him about animal classification, adaptations and habitat. (She was a bio major in school) We did most everything around that topic and he had a wonderful time. I did not hear once in those 2 weeks about how he HATES COVA. I'm thinking unit studies approach may be what we want to do. I may see if I can do that for the rest of this year. I'll see what we are suppose to cover with History and Science and then tailor the rest to that.

Knitting, since this is still officially a knitting blog. I finished the sweater for the boy and he loves it. The sleeves are too short and the body too wide and I am the most critical of my own knitting. I'm working on a baby sweater set for my bff to give as a shower gift. Need to complete knitting on one bootie and sew both up then sew on buttons and it will be done. I will give it to her on Friday. Then I have 5 pairs of socks to knit up as gifts and my holiday knitting will be as complete as it is going to get.

Maybe next time I'll include pictures but not this time.