Thursday, January 10, 2008

A day at the frog pond...

I spent my morning break today ripping out the 'shawl' I had started out of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in I think Ruby River, or something close to that. I love the color and feel of the yarn and really want to find something that will make me happy with it. Maybe socks for myself, maybe a scarf for my bf. I must think on it more.

The Noro My So Called Scarf also went the way of the frog pond. The fabric was just too dense, I'm sure it is because I'm using too small needles. I may try it again on larger needles, or I may see if something else calls to me for this yar.

Pictures to be added tonight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Knitting, yeah...

So I'm going to start knitting again this year. I have many projects I'm excited to start, much yarn in my stash that is begging to be knit, and patterns that tempt me daily.

I went to take a break and knit on what I'm carrying with me and found that I'm unhappy with the scarf. I'm knitting "My So Called Scarf" in Noro Kuryon on US 9 needles. I'm not happy with the fabric, too dense for a scarf to my liking. I want something that has a little movement in it and this has nothing. Although I'm thinking it would be really nice as a hand bag or a structured jacket so I may come back to this stitch later and see what I can do with it then.

So I figured I'd pick up the socks I'm making for my boy, except my 4th needle has made a run for it and I can't find it. I thought I had a duplicate set of needles in the bag but nope they are US 0 and I'm working on US 1's for this pair. Sigh. No luck there. Then there is the shawl/what do I want it to be ball of yarn. I'm not happy with it either so I've got to rip it out as well and then see what I want that yarn to be.

Today was not a get projects done or even worked on day. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe tomorrow I'll upload pics to add to this.