Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's 2 months between friends?

Hmmm so maybe I'm not keeping up with this as well as I had hoped to.

That said I have some exciting news. First I am now a stay at home mom. For this month anyway. I'm staying home with my son E to help him transistion to Kindy. We'll see what I can find starting in Sept.

What does that have to do with knitting you might ask. Well a little. It isn't like I'm getting a ton of knitting done staying at home with a 5 year old I have to admit. I did finish his cuttle fish. It turned out ok. Drove me a bit batty, but all in all, ok.

See isn't he a cutie? Dh thinks with a couple of wings, and something about longer tentacles I could make a Cuthulu plushie. I may have to. E loves him and that is what I wanted the most.

I also have started on a pair of socks for the boy made from Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima Socka Teddy, in blue. It is fuzzy and cushy, should make for some comfy socks for this winter.

All that said, the really, really big news is that my sister and I inherited a lot of yarn. A friend of ours grandma passed away and no one in her family did any crafts. She had a room full of yarn, material, embroidery projects, hook rag projects, and the like. I have 4.5 13 gal trash bags filled with wool, wool blend, mohair, angora, and camel hair yarns. The sadest things so far is that the camel hair has been eaten by moths. I have to treat all of the natural fibre as though there is moths in it. There are 3 bags full of cotton and cotton blend yarns, and we have more bags and boxes that I have counted yet full of acrylic yarn. This yarn runs from the mundane to the sublime and everywhere in between. We are sorting now.

Since we had to start somewhere, the first sort was by fiber content, and in the case of the acrylic by color also. The next for the acrylic will be to sort by weight.

Much of this yarn is going to have to find a new home and for that I'm going to be looking at the charity knitting groups here in Colorado and seeing if any of them would like to have it. Yesterday afternoon I was drowning in it. I'm starting to feel a bit better about our chances of passing it on.


Christi said...

The cuttle fish is super cute! Enjoy your month w/ your boy before he's a big Kindergartener!!

Joyce said...

You know my comment, take a pic of you or E, sitting among the HUGH pile of yarn, it is amazing how much there is!

Melissa said...

Jealous of all you knitters, as usual.

Cute fish!

ErinGreen said...

Ah the special joy of inheriting someone else's stash. Good luck with that. I think I still have some items from my grandmother which came to my house about 6 years ago.

Sounds like time to purge for me!

Anonymous said...

I, personally, am giddy with excitement over the plethora of treasure we have been so casually given. How do you thank someone for something that they were just happy to get rid of? Jumping up and down and squealing just doesn't seem to convey it in a way most people would understand.....KWIM???

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had an entire knitting blog! You are very talented. I'm jealous.