Thursday, August 5, 2010

We might be planners.....

The boy wants to have a Plants vs Zombies theme for his birthday party this year. We can blame this cake to start us on this path. By the way you will want to skip the rest of this entry if you don't know the game, or well go play it and then get as sucked in as we are around here and then read on because this is a single idea post.

He has an idea to play a live action Plants vs Zombies game with his friends. I'm trying to come up with a way to do it without hurting anyone and making the game a bit more balanced than just letting the plants throw things at the Zombies. I'm thinking I will either hire teens to play the part of Zombies or well I don't know. Anyone have ideas they want to share on how to do this? The plants I am planning on making little canvas balls and filling them with powdered chalk to make a mark on the Zombies. Is that a horrible idea with at least 2 of the boys pretty good at playing baseball and hopefully not going to bean anyone too hard?

Any other ideas for games that would work in this theme? Maybe pin the plant on the yard? I'm lost on any other ideas.

I'm going to start practicing making little models of the pea shooters and the zombies.

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Joyce said...

So, how about pea shooters?
the kids are the pea plants and use straws and wet paper balls to shoot at cut out zombies. If there is some color in the water, it should leave a mark on the cut out different color for each, or 2 or 3 at a time shooting (we can print the zombies on a soft absorbent paper)

A swimming pool with lilly pads and a stand up zombie
They throw bean bags to sink the zombie.