Sunday, October 2, 2011

September is done, the celebration may begin

You know September has always been a kind of low time of year for me. I've often blamed it on a choice I made in September 24 years ago. Then this year I saw this post by Dooce, and I know have something else to blame. The sun.

Now this September felt like a random gathering of bits and pieces that made something close to a crazy quilt on top of just the normal seasonal, personal baggage things I have dealt with. That and it ended with such a cluster of good and bad that I'm beginning to wonder if September doesn't just need to take its bipolar meds.

The last week went something like this....
Sunday bad thing happens to cat, great family time.
Monday Cat needs surgery, DH's car explodes, School goes great, I get house cleaned and dinner made. Overall crazy day.
Tuesday DH has my car, boy finished boat, cub scouts Overall good day.
Weds Boy wakes at 4AM puking all over the carpet, then toilet overflows, then boy gets the other end of stomach problems, DH gets toilet cleared, boy sleeps in bathroom, take cat for surgery, I do a million loads of laundry. DH gets cat from vet(he is doing well) We pick up DH's car late Overall crazy day.
Thursday We finish Barton level 2, Boy wants to go to library to get "something to read", I get sushi & cookies for lunch, boy & I eat them and nothing else for the day. I get library books returned, sold books shipped out and dinner made. Dog pukes her dinner. Overall good day
Friday Boy puked all night long, doesn't want to go to library, doesn't want to sell popcorn, isn't feeling well, dog pukes everything she eats or drinks and starts to get dehydrated, Overall I am D.O.N.E. day.
Saturday, quiet, we hang around the house, cook food, relax, go to dinner with my folks and sister & bil, celebrate The Boy's accomplishments Celebrate the first day of October.

Somewhere towards the beginning of the week, as in Monday, I bought a 6 pack of beer for me and a 6 pack of hard cider for DH, we have each drank 3 of them. Everyone who knows us understands that this is not typical it was necessary.

I'm refusing to talk about what happened today because I makes me think October may be off its meds too and I just can't cope with that knowledge quite yet, but here is a picture from the day.
This is why we tried a practice cake.

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Jennifer said...

I say try a wooden base with dowel rods for legs connected to the base of the torso for the cake to rest on and use cereal treats to shape the legs...yep I watch too much food network!