Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So much time so little posting....

So September took it all out of me, and October ended up being a try to get control of the house and school time and some how I'm now nearly to Thanksgiving and it has been 2 months since I posted anything. I have a couple of posts in my head that I want to get out so I finally decided to just work on one at a time and get them out of me.

My child turned 9 a few weeks ago. My boy child, my heart that walks around the world, that happened 9 years ago. He decided to have a LEGO party and you would have thought that a party had never been planned before and the world was going to end if everything wasn't just perfect, and this time it wasn't me projecting the doom and gloom. It is interesting to see my child have the same anxieties that I have. I don't get worked up about parties anymore so I don't think he has ever seen me act like that you would have thought I did it every time we think of having a party. It was fun to plan it with him this time, he had definite ideas about what they should play and do.

The cake he wanted was not the cake he got, he wanted a LEGO minifig to be standing 1 foot tall. We tried to make it happen and ended up with a collapsed cake and a drowned Mac Book. It was not a happy night. What we ended up with was this...
He is missing one of his arms in this picture .

We used the bag that we got from the LEGO store and the minifig is rice krispie treats and marshmallow fondant. The fondant was easy but getting red and not pink was hard, this ended up being more of an orange color than red but the boy liked it and we were all happy.

The party ended up being fun, it had snowed a couple of days before hand but most of the snow was gone and they played out front for awhile then we did a pin the head on the minifig game and I had them build something with bricks that they could bring home. It was fun and the birthday boy had such a wonderful time.

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Anonymous said...

Such a great minifigure and such awesome ingenuity!

Came by to tell you that you won our Computer Programming Giveaway on my Freely Educate.com blog -- but now you've inspired me!