Friday, March 6, 2009

The business of knitting or something like that...

So I really am going to set up a Etsy shop and I'm looking for the logo. Some of you have seen some of these before, (well if you came over here when I asked you to) but I want to explain a bit more.

What I'm really asking is which of the sheep you like the most. The plan is to have earthami knits coming off whichever sheep wins the beauty contest. (Yes Heather, the plan is to have it in green, you are absolutely right about that)

The poll is off to the right.

I have no other instructions, although if you have more to say please post in the comments or email me directly.

ETA: The final choice will be re-painted so the fine details will be better and it is good to know if you liked the face on one and the body of another. (thanks Sis)

Sheep 1

Sheep 2

Sheep 3


Anonymous said...

I like the sheep's face on #1, but I like the ball of yarn on #3. Can we photoshop the two together?

m said...

I still like #1 best. :)