Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yeah, hi there!

So the summer is officially over and school has started. We survived the first week of school at home (since I'm not an official homeschooler, we use a virtual charter school that is a public school). It got easier as the week went on but Monday I thought I was going to collapse by the time we finished all the lessons (4 of them) The worst was Art. The boy might be a perfectionist, maybe. He did not want to make a piece of art that was an animal because it would never look right. I understand his angst, I had it myself. I never took Art classes in Middle School & High School because I felt like I didn't know enough going in to be able to do them. (Yes I see that makes no sense now but at the time I really and truly believed it.

Here are some pictures of him working...
First 2 are during math. He is very happy during math. Easy Peasy and doesn't take too long to do.
This is during Phonics and it was during one of the few times he was somewhat happy, or at least not completely pissed to be working at this.

I'm working on a sweater for the boy. The Tidewater has been put to bed for awhile. It was too complicated for me to do during vacation. We didn't just sit and hang much. So a top down raglan for the boy was started. He is pleased. I can't tell the difference in the colors he picked but he likes them so I don't really care.
Also have a spinning wheel that a friend gave me to use. I'm very excited and can't wait to get started playing with it. I'm sure my first yarn will look like shit but I don't care. I will have made it with my own hands!!!! So excited.

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Anonymous said...

What a good worker!
I never like art either.