Friday, May 15, 2009


I got all cocky and decided I was knitting to loose and needed to tighten things up a bit so it wouldn't look all loosey goosey and guess what happened? Yeah the thing was puckering and looking like crap, and while I've been know to accept crap in my knitting I didn't want this project to be crap so I frogged. I'm now back to the 4th row in the large diamond pattern and will see if I can keep things loose. I'm a fairly tight knitter though so who knows how that is going to turn out.

I'm very, very tempted now to cast on the Cable Down Raglan, but I know if I do I will drop the Tidewater like a hot potato and not pick it back up for 2 years. So I'm keep the sweater off the needles so I will finish this project.

The garden is not looking much better I have not gotten the raised beds made and so things are languishing in their pots. Must do that tomorrow.

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