Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm back again...

So how many blog posts are out in the world that say that same thing? How many have I personally put up?

What has happened in the month that I've been ignoring my blog? Let's see shall we?..

  • The holidays happened and were lovely (I got a new coffee maker and a new coffee mug) 
  • We had a very quiet week between Christmas & New Year. DH took off much time from work then we all had to adjust to him leaving the house 5 days a week rather than the 3 it had been for most of December. 
  • We went to Behind the Myths to watch Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman explain science and why they do what they do. It was the best science class we've had yet.  
  • The boy built his pinewood derby car for this years race
  • DH got the track ready for said race.
  • The boy & I have gotten back into the swing of the school thing. (He is starting to read on his own!)
  • We found a new math program that he loves and I think helps me get the ideas across better. We had kind of out grown Singapore math. So for now it is Elevated Math (it will get its own blog post soon)
  • I've drank lots of coffee, I ate lots of food, and decided to try to get in better shape (again).
  • I did not make any resolutions at the new year.
So yeah, there you have it. Life happened and I didn't stop to blog about it. I did take some pictures and maybe I'll post some of them. 

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