Friday, April 6, 2012


How often do I talk of breathing, it is such an important yet often ignored part of continuing to exist on this planet. I think having asthma and not getting to take breath for granted makes me more aware of it and how it affects my emotions and physical well being.

Right now I'm trying to remember that how I hold my body changes the way I breath, and changes my reactions to things in my life.

In my remembering to breath I'm trying to also remember that while we like life to be sweet, a diet of only sweet is uninteresting. I like some salt and some bitterness and so I need to remember to breath and enjoy both those parts of life as well.

I've started an April Photo of the Day challenge to help me remember to take a photo each day and see the beauty around me. Breathing and controlling your breath is important to taking a picture. I remember learning that with my camera when I was 11.

So in my attempt to remember to breath and control my breath I've taken up a photography challenge for April

April 1 My Reflection, yes it is a cheat, I don't care. Look at the pretty flower.
April 2 Color, muted colors and another cheat since I took it on the 1st but it is just so pretty.
April 3 Mail, I actually did go to the post office here in town. 

April 4 Something that makes me happy.

April 4 Something that makes me happy part 2

April 5 Tiny, feels like another cheat but it is pretty and much smaller than me.
April 6 Lunch, my lunch with Mickey. 

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