Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby Sweater #3...

I will never knit this sweater again. Ok that is a lie. It is easy and cute and knits up quick. I am not knitting this sweater again for a long time. There that is better.

I'm working on #3, I have the hood finished and will pick-up the stiches for the body tonight. I need to knit like a fiend so I can hopefully have it near compleation on Weds for the baby shower. Last weekend was nearly devoid of knitting time. Friday and half of Saturday I was sick and unable to to knit. The other half of Saturday I actually played with my son, which sadly does not involve knitting since he does not consider knitting 'playing'

I've ordered yarn to make a Clapatois as a prayer shawl for a co-worker. The yarn should have been here today I'll give it until tomorrow's delivery and then call Knit Picks to see if they can find it.

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