Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tidewater is my life....

So I homeschool my son, not in knitting yet, and there is so much to do around the house in any given day. Am I doing any of it? Well schooling is still happening, but the laundry, not so much. I did take some time out today to put in the rest of the flowers for my back flower bed. Now I need to work on the front flower bed and making the raised bed for my veggies.

The thing is all I want to do is knit on the Tidewater. I'm a bit itchy to start the Cable Down Raglan as well but I want to get a bit farther on the Tidewater first. See I can even put off the itchy of a new fabulous project because of this one. (Ha! That makes it sound like I have tons of projects on the needles at once, I don't cause you know socks don't count)

That's how far I am, not very, but I'm very happy with it. Think I can have it done in time to wear to the Washington Coast for our summer vacation? It's cool on the coast in June right? I can wear it and not die of a heat stroke right? Eh I'm taking it anyway.

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