Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yarn Crawl

A friend asked if I was going to buy yarn at every yarn store we stopped at. The answer was yes apparently I was. Well with the exception of one store. It was very, very small and the owner/employee was very interested in her own project and not helping me with mine. There was a lovely French pastry shop next door though and we did get something there. :D

Wanna see the lovely yarn I bought? Well your going to anyway...

Bought this at the first shop, Posh, A Yarn Boutique, it is a lovely shop with a wonderful selection. Unfortunately I was being picky about the yarn I wanted for the Tidewater Wrap (a Ravelry link) She had a fabulous merino/cashmere blend that would Divine. It was also not in colors I wanted to put together. The Tidewater calls for 6 colors and I really wanted them to be mostly in the same family. So I had to walk away without it, but I did find that lovely yarn. It was like foreshadowing or something.

We then made our way to the Lamb Shoppe I think this was my favorite shop. (Well each was my favorite as we were there.) The great thing about the Lamb Shoppe is it has a HUGE selection of yarn, and better yet, it has a coffee bar right there in the shop. So very nice. I had moved on to looking for yarn for the Cable Down Raglan(Ravelry link). I was not happy with what I was finding for the Tidewater. I looked at Brown Sheep Lambs Pride but started thinking that would really limit when I could wear the sweater. It just does not get that cold here most of the time in winter. So I looked at the their Cotton Fleece talked with one of the wonderful women there and decided that would be what I would get.

The color is called peridot and it is a bit greener than the picture, but fairly close. Very happy with it.

Then because the theme had become I get sock yarn everywhere because it doesn't count, I picked this up. I'm not sure when I changed to blues from greens but the color of the day seemed to be blue.

I'm not naming the next shop since I don't have anything nice to say and I didn't even buy sock yarn there.

Finally we drove out to Shower of Flowers which is actually a favorite shop of mine. I love going there, friendly, knowledgeable staff and a ginormous selection of yarn. I finally found the yarn for the Tidewater. We sat on the floor of the shop and looked at all the colors available and decided what to get.

Isn't it pretty. I'm so happy with it. The pattern calls for purple but the purple they had were decidedly blue in hue and I wanted something that would pop. I think the salmon is it. I also bought Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements a US size 1 40inch circ needles, and the coolest button to go with the wrap ever. That picture will have to be for another day though.

All in all a wonderful day of yarn fun.

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