Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Field Trip time...

This has been the week of spur of the moment field trips.

On Monday I found out that the King Tut exhibit here in town had a deal for the month of September you got a free kids ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket, but only until Sept 30th, aka Friday. So I asked the Boy and sure enough he really, really wanted to go. So I bought the tickets, added the audio tour as a lark and we got ready to go on Tuesday. It was not the most 'kid friendly' exhibit I have seen in town there were no touch stations and interactive exhibits, my kid was still enthralled. He had his audio tour and listened to each station, he let me read some of the exhibits to him that we not part of the audio tour. He shared some of the tidbits he learned with me. All in all we had a lovely time.I ended up buying him this mouse pad. It was $2 and by far one of the most affordable bits of tchotchke available there. ;)

Then yesterday morning before we were able to leave for the Art Museum I received an email from my Mom letting me know that the LAS Pathfinder portion of the Orion space craft was going to be at the DMNS on Tuesday and Weds this week. The Orion spacecraft is what is slated to replace the Space Shuttle for missions to the International Space Station. The LAS Pathfinder is the Launch Abort System to be used to help protect the astronauts from problems at launch.I again asked the Boy if he wanted to see this and again a VERY enthusiastic YES. So today we are off to see the LAS Pathfinder at the museum.

Then last night at scouts we had an amazing storyteller come and share with the boys. She was wonderful. She kept the boys enchanted for 45 minutes telling them stories, teaching them songs and dances. It was wonderful to see. She has a beautiful voice and writes amazing songs. If you want to see what she does please go to her website.

So while we aren't getting much in the way of practicing times tables and sitting at the table talking about verbs and adverbs, we are learning lots of interesting things and enjoying our life. Ahhhh, I love this gig. (please don't come over and see the mess that is my house because of these fun trips)

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