Saturday, September 4, 2010

Times Tables, Boo Boos and knitting....

In case you couldn't tell by the title this is gonna be random, very, very random. "enjoy"

I had heard for a while about a game called Timez Attack was a great way to get kids to learn their times tables. I wasn't sure if it was the things for us but since it is free to try I thought I would download it. I played it the other day and it seemed ok, not perfect but ok. I was a little annoyed with the interface but it did have an interesting way to do the repetition on the times tables. So I left it on the desktop of my computer and waited until the Boy saw it. He did, the icon is a little green alien looking thing, and wanted to watch me play it, he then wanted to try it for himself. He asked me to stay next to him and give him the answers in case he didn't know them. The game shows you the answer and he figured it out quickly. He picked up the facts quickly and only had a problem when he miss-keyed something and got flustered. (In case you didn't know, no one has ever offered to give me anything free for any kind of review, let alone Big Brainz)

There was a time in my life when I had a hard time finding a band-aid and first-aid cream in my house. It was there, I just didn't know exactly where, and the first-aid cream was most likely well out of date. Those days are long gone. Having an almost 8 year old in the house has necessitated my knowing where these are and actually buying new first-aid cream. He had a boo boo on his toe this evening. So I got the first aid kit out and bandaged him. Do Moms of little girls have this intimate knowledge of their first-aid kit? I can remember when the Boy was 3 and he fell at the zoo. He skinned his knees really bad and was in tears. Another mom came up to me and said "I have 5 kids I always have band-aids in my purse" I thought at the time she must have really clumsy kiddos. I now know she just had kids, and enough of them to warrant constant band-aid need.

As for knitting, I'm driving myself crazy with this shawl. I have started it 3 times now, simply because I can't read a pattern. It is a very simple pattern and I kept ignoring vitally important bits. I have gotten past the worse and hope that I will be able to continue on with this now that I've got the pattern set. My next challenge will be to decide where I'm going to change the colors.


Angie said...

I saw this show one time that explained the clumsiness, and it *totally* made sense. They are clumsy because they are growing so fast that the sense of where parts of your body are is whacked out. Just when your brain says "Oh...THAT'S where my knee is!" another growth spurt happens and their bodies have to re-learn where everything fits in relation to everything else.

Principally Speaking said...

I have a girl - we kept band aids in business.. In fact, it was just this summer (she's 15; he's 17) that I realized we were finally not going through a box every week or so :)