Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tearing things apart to learn

Yesterday I was introduced to the MAKEcation Family Challenge this really is perfect for us. We love MAKE magazine. We have lots of dead electronics lying around the house, no really, I think DH may have gotten rid of the VCR that he moved, broken, from his Mom's house to our first apartment, to our second apartment, to our first house and then to the house we now live in, but only maybe. We have 3 dead computers sitting in our garage, one in the office that is actually waiting to be converted to the Boy's new computer, and the Boy's old computer sitting around here somewhere. We also have various other bits hanging around.
When we got a new cable remote the boy tore into the old one to see what was in there. Now we have a pretty good excuse to tear into something catalog everything (this is where I get excited) and maybe win something. Plus it really will be teaching the boy something new.
I read about it at 4, I told DH & the Boy about it at 6 and by 6:30 there was a computer on the living room floor waiting for its time under the screwgun. There is no before picture to this because they were too excited to get going to stop and take a pic. There are some pictures of the middle bits, and there are a couple of very long videos, that if anyone can tell me what I need to edit them on the PC I will edit and work on making them more viewable to others beyond myself and my family. ;)
So is anyone else thinking of doing this with their kids? Or you know by yourself, or with a friend? Let me know.

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