Friday, September 17, 2010

Knitting, learning, and letting go...

I'm still working on the big old lady lace project for myself. ;) I am loving it but am finding I am not spending that much time on it. I have also started knitting a 9 inch square in orange angora to make a bunny for the Boy. He picked the yarn out last year and has decided since it is bunny yarn it should be knit into a bunny. Here is the pattern, it is very, very, very easy and turns out cute. I have made one before but I don't remember who ended up with it.

The Boy has decided to learn to read since he really wants to get Lego Mindstorms and make robot minions. Whatever works to motivate him I will use. Also just have to put in another plug for Timez Attack he gladly spent another 40 minutes playing it today and has nearly memorized all his 2's facts. If only I could find something as engaging for addition and subtraction. Sigh.

I freecycled away the rest of my maternity clothes. The pants I loved so much and basically lived in for the last month of my pregnancy and the first month of the Boy's life are gone. I am ready to move on. I started a diet and I'm working out. I won't be getting pregnant again and I think I have really accepted that. My life is busy enough right now with my one boyo and while I go through moments of mourning not having a daughter to share things with, my son is pretty darn fabulous and teaches me new things and I am having to stretch beyond my comfort zone to encourage his interests.

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