Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is the 'No results yet' post.

The testing itself went fine. The Boy did not have a seizure when they did all the seizure inducing things at the beginning of the test. (Bright quickly flashing lights, blowing repeatedly for 3 minutes) He fell asleep quickly when we got to that portion of the test and when I woke him after 10 minutes his first words to me were "See I told you I wouldn't fall asleep" Ha, he was exhausted and slept quickly. He woke horribly as he always does when woken too soon from desperately needed sleep. He also developed a fever after we got home, actually probably had it while there, but it wasn't too high at that point.

He was down with it all day yesterday, but woke this morning feeling much, much better. He apparently was on the hairy edge of a cold and weakening his immune system like that just pushed him over the edge, luckily he is pretty strong and getting to sleep lots over the last 2 days has made all right in his body again.

He did so well Tuesday when we were having to keep him awake. He kept his sense of humor and didn't have a melt down, he struggled a little bit prior to the actual testing but that was less than 2 minutes and trust me he has the endurance to fight for much, much longer than that if he decides to.

He just seemed so grown up all of a sudden. He is all legs and arms at the moment and getting so tall. How in the world did this happen? I'm so proud of how well he handled it. Now I hope we don't have to do it again.

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