Friday, December 3, 2010

Ugh, today is not the day I thought it would be...

Well we did not go in for the testing. The Boy was in tears about it, kept telling me, through the tears, that I WAS teaching him to read. I also woke with a killer migraine, and so we canceled the testing and avoided that.

So no info on that front. I'm still struggling with it, he is still struggling with it, but we are moving forward. He is making some progress, I think. He has days when he does great and reads with some semblance of fluency and with inflection, and there are days when he can't concentrate to read the word 'crossing' twice in the space of 3 sentences. (That would be today) It is starting to feel like it might be concentration problems.

I don't know what to think, it doesn't help that today is one of those days where thinking is actually physically painful.

I a book that is a history of the alphabet Ox, House, Stick The History of Our Alphabet The Boy is loving it, and so am I. I am reading a page or 2 each day. I think it helps that we studied ancient history last year, and this year we are reading Vacation Under the Volcano, and learning about word origins from Latin. It all ties in and it all is interesting to the boy. Win, win, win. Yippee.

Vacation Under the Volcano is the book I'm forcing him to read to earn his Lego Mindstorms set. Of course I'm now questioning that logic. The programming language that they use is actually a visual language, all icons and no words. So reading is not a skill that is directly needed to program the robot. Also as DH pointed out if we say it is a family item then no one person will have complete control and anyone will be able to program it. Otherwise we will have problems with my son and his possessiveness. So, since the set came in last night and because I really want to play with it too, and ummm it is educational, and ummm, I want to play with it, I am now trying to think of a reason we can start using it. How about it is educational? Ummm, it will be a great thing to work on over the winter 'holiday'? Ummm, it will be fun?

Anyway, that is life in our school, tonight we are heading out to Bubba Gump's to celebrate the end of the boy's Birthmonth. ;) heh. Actually we just haven't had time to go and he really, really, really wants to go. Not enough to go 'spur of the moment' a couple of weeks ago, but enough that when we mentioned going tonight, he was fine with it. We are so not spontaneous people here.

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