Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm not crazy!

Well, I'm not imagining things, there really is a vast conspiracy to keep me from my preferred tampon. Ok, maybe not a vast conspiracy against me per say, but against women.

A few months ago I noticed I couldn't buy OB tampons in size Ultra. I bleed a lot, a lot, a lot and need the added protection the up to 18 grams of liquid containment gives me. After a month of fruitless looking on shelves I took my search online and found that at that time Johnson & Johnson was saying they were having manufacturing 'difficulties' and the Ultra would be back on the shelves 'eventually'. Well I sobbed and horded my precious purple bullets like gold, I would only go out of the house and have to use the ultra if there was a HUGE pressing need. So one or two days out of every 25 would be me housebound. Sad story.

Now for the past month or so I have noticed that all the other OBs are gone off the shelves, again I waited (I'm a stock piler I can last a few months without having to buy) I'm getting to the end of my stash and I find there are no more OBs coming lately. According to some other people's research OB is now saying that Ultras have been discontinued but the rest of their line is just having manufacturing problems. I just heard that line 8 months ago.

I am a sad, sad woman here. I have no idea what I'm going to use instead. I'm mad, and frustrated with Johnson & Johnson. I guess I should call them and let them know how I feel. I'm going to be on the phone tomorrow talking to J&J letting them know.

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