Monday, January 31, 2011

The weekend I had

I had such a wonderful, busy, filled with people I love, weekend. We have been busier since the new year started than we were all through the 'holiday season'. For some reason I balk at the thought of all the things I 'have' to do during that time of year. I really would rather just hang at home. January see me ready to get things done.

Friday night we, finally, after many attempts and rescheduleings, went to Euclid Hall with my BFF & her hubby. I 'did' my hair and face, something that very rarely happens. Look at what I can look like if I try.
So I cleaned up good. The food was amazing and the company was even better. The restaurant is kind of Americanized German food. They had sausages (made on site), mustards (same deal) schnitzel, spatzel (did I spell that right Angie/Ray), but not traditional. Plus they had the Canadian national dish poutines but with wild mushroom gravy (Dave feel free to correct me on this, you know let me know what the REAL Canadian national dish is)  Oh and tons of beers and whiskey. Much of the food is locally sourced, including some of the whiskey. Yum! Wonderful night, thank you so much Michal & Rich for taking us to such a wonderful place.

Saturday included DH fixing the car, it has needed new struts for, well years actually, but they had gone out completely so it was time. Have I mentioned here how much I love that my husband is not afraid to work on a car. He will go in pull it apart, fix it and it will run at the end of it. He fixed my alternator a couple of months ago, he fixed his struts this Saturday.
My Dad came over with his air compressor and they fixed the car. It helped so much that the temp on Saturday was in the 50's. (Unlike today where our high was sometime this morning before the sun rose and the temp is going to be dropping steadily until sometime on Weds.) While they were fixing that my Mom & I made lasagna, 7 dishes of lasagna.
This was the last 2 waiting for their turn in the oven. I felt like we were all productive. The Boy just kept running from one group to the next, helping at times, making random noises at others, but basically seeming like a happy child surrounded by the people that love him. This is when I really wish we lived closer to my folks. My Mom & I could do this bulk cooking thing together more often. The Boy would see them more often, and so would I. Ah well maybe someday.

On Saturday I had my girlfriends over for circle, I made, kinda, Chinese food in honor of the New Year coming up this Thursday (Year of the Rabbit). It was wonderful to cap off the weekend with friends I share everything with.

Next weekend is looking to shape up to almost the same level of busyness. I'm so happy with it.

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