Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm not sure it is creative, plus not Feb. yet but....

So first, today is the day to sign up for Thing-a-Day  you need a account but come on and join me. In a surprise move (or not) I'm earthami over there.

I have nearly finished my curtains for the dining room. All that they need is to be hemmed, but I'm not sure when that is actually going to happen since I have already put up the curtain rod and hung them. The idea was to hang them and then hem them to the same length. The problem is I can't see the hem from here and I'm tired of messing with my sewing machine so it maybe quite awhile before they come back down and I finish them. Ah well, eventually they will need to be washed so I'll do it then, you know in 10 years or so. ;)

I have been collecting things to use during my month of creativity. I've pulled out my embroidery thread, I know where my (damned) sewing machine is, I need to wash my fabric stash so it is ready to go, look at my pantry and see if there is any food type things I will need to make things. I have a knitting project ready to get started and the spinning wheel is ready to be worked on again.

I'm dreading trying to sew anything because my machine is such a PITA. The bobbin seems to randomly change tension. I think I have figured out the best way to use it but it involves being barefooted  and sewing at about 1/4 the speed that would be full speed to be used on you know straight seams on medium weight fabric. I will say the curtains are made from upholstery fabric and so are a bit on  the heavy side, but not as heavy as say denim. So I should be able to go faster. Moving on, I need to be happy that I have a machine, that I can get it to work and how lucky I am to have it. I really do feel that way even with the careful handling it needed to sew 8 straight seams over 3 days.

We'll see how I do. What are some ideas of things you are going to be making?

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